Bringing swimming back to Kentucky State University, the Frankfort community, and the YMCA

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Our Mission

Our mission at Swim With Purpose is to raise $1 million dollars to renovate and reopen the Aquatic Center at Kentucky State University, an HBCU. Kentucky State students, faculty and staff along with the local community will once again have a facility for swim lessons, recreation, and exercise. Programs will be created by the University and the Frankfort YMCA to break generational stigmas and create a safe and teachable atmosphere for children, college students and adults. This fund will also establish a self-sustaining fund for ongoing maintenance and programs while partnering with the community with programs and facilities.

Our Fund

100% of your generous donations go directly to the renovation and reopening of the Kentucky State University Aquatic Center. All Swim With Purpose board members serve on a voluntary basis. Additionally, our board members cover all administrative expenses.

All donations are tax deductible.

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Pool before rennovation

This is where we're starting

Our facility is in need of renovation and restoration

Pool after renovation

This is what we're building

When complete, our facility will rejuvenate a community

Introducing the Swim with Purpose Podcast!

In the third episode of our monthly podcast series, Sam Taylor sits down with Paula Anderson, CEO of the YMCA of Central Kentucky, to discuss the importance of accessible swim lessons, the alarming statistics on minority communities' access to swimming, the YMCA's impactful programs, from summer camps to cancer survivor support - and the urgent need to reopen the pool at Kentucky State University for the community's health and safety.

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Michael Phelps

Statement of Support from Michael Phelps

I, Michael Phelps, support Swim With Purpose’s mission and their efforts to renovate and reopen the aquatic center at Kentucky State University, an HBCU. It’s wonderful to see people and organizations coming together to make a difference in underserved communities. I hope that Swim With Purpose is able to reach its fundraising goal and that the renovated aquatic center can make a positive impact on the lives of those who benefit from it.

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Join us in promoting a healthier community by making a difference through your support of Swim with Purpose Fund. Your contribution can help bring back the indoor pool facility at the Exum Center, create ongoing programs and facilities, and inspire healthy habits. Click the link to make a donation today and be a part of our mission to make a positive impact on lives in our community.

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Minorities are 50% more likely to drown than non-minorities and young minority children are up to ten times more likely to drown than non-minority children

Board of Directors

The board of directors for Swim with Purpose is comprised of dedicated individuals who share a passion for promoting healthy living and creating opportunities for community members of all ages. With a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, the board works collaboratively to oversee the organization's fundraising efforts, develop programs, and establish partnerships to achieve the fund's goals of reestablishing the indoor pool facility at the Exum Center.

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor

Chairman and Co‑founder
Katrisha Waldridge

Katrisha Waldridge

Co-Chairman and Co‑founder

Dr. Jamaal Jackson

Board Member and Co‑founder
Berry Popp

Berry L. Popp

Board Member and Co‑founder
Nick Belacore

Nick Belcore

Board Member and Co‑founder

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